Who is Eddy Peter?

Eddy is a very simple person, a father of three, a husband, married to one wife, and most of all I’m believe in the high most.

What is your relationship with Word of Life Christian Academy?

I must say I was most privileged to be among those who started off with the school at her foundation in her early years. I remember so much at that time, we had only the kindergarten section.
The school was as young as a night at 6 pm, but we were still taking part in various activities like plays, I remember clearly playing Joseph’s role in that play. It’s all where my acting journey began. That makes my relationship with the school a bonded force.

When did you join the school and at what level did you live?

I joined the school at the kindergarten level, fortunately we were the first lot to start the school as the first ever pupils to enroll in Word of Life Christian Academy. Then I got transferred to a different school the following year, then came back and had to repeat a class. That really got me mad since I couldn’t rejoin my friends I was with as the pioneers. But I thank God for everything that happened back then since it had its purpose in my life. That made me and my new classmates being the second generation of the school in the year 1999 when we sat for our K.C.P.E since the first class was in 1998

How was the whole experience of your life at the Word of Life Christian Academy?

It was fun, real fun. I mean, it was a God’s Gift to be in Word of Life Christian Academy. It helped us build the confidence and we could face the reality of life like solders at war. And the upbringing was so Godly. The experience, I mean it was just awesome. To me Word of Life wasn’t just a school but a place to nature us and to give us a way for tomorrow’s life.

Was the learning in anyway bettered for you in high school since you highlighted earlier that the whole experience at Word of Life Christian Academy was a turned table for you?

The foundation I got or any of us got from the school was all that I ever wished for in life. I got what any child would wish for anywhere.

To whom do you give the credit for your foundation to?

To God, I believe that’s the answer you expected. I give credit to God since He chose the right school for my foundation and I got exactly what I ever wanted.

How’s the profession you are in?

It takes everything any good white color job would take. Determination sacrifices and discipline. I have played so many roles in different screen plays like “Changing Times” and other plays in which featured other actress from Nollyhood Naigeria “Rita Dominic”

What’s your advice to our younger generation?

Always put God First, remain focus in your ambitions and never give up.