My Two Wives

Zacharia Femi (35) grew up in a rural homestead. He worked hard in school and got a university scholarship to the city and never looked back. Zacharia found love and settled down in the city with his wife, Toni. All was well in his life until one day he was startled with the news that his older brother Alphonse had suffered a heart attack and passed away. Zacharia’s journey back to his village home for the funeral. Zacharia must inherit his late brother’s wife Damaris, as his own. Zacharia believes the idea is old and outdated, but Zacharia’s mother guilt trips him into the idea by telling him that he will inherit 20 acres of family land. Reluctantly, Alphonse takes Damaris back with him to Nairobi. Toni is extremely uncomfortable with this new living situation but since the couple is heavy in bank loans at the city, he convinces his money hungry wife Toni that they will inherit land and this will get them out of debt and bring great fortune.

Things start out quite rocky, Toni is distrustful of Damaris, and questions her motives. Zacharia convinces Toni to see Damaris as a relative that has come to stay temporarily with them, Zach tells Toni that he doesn’t and will never view Damaris as a second wife,
she’s just staying with them to appease his mother so that they are able to inherit land and forget their problems. But as time passes Zach and Damaris develop a natural bond, they share the same childhood memories from the village, t`hings Toni will never understand; against his will, he finds himself drawn to Damaris. Zach finds himself caught between a glimpse of a place that brought him up, and the promise of a place that holds his future. How does he navigate through the confusing emotions of inheriting his brother’s wife, and the steadfast marriage he has managed to build for himself?