A bartender renders the services of a ‘confessor’ to his bar patrons in this short film set in an uptown club. Under the influence of alcohol, the patrons let their guards down and confess secrets they should have kept to themselves.


A bartender working in an upper middle class establishment gets the fortune of hearing the dark secrets of three patrons. We meet a party girl in her mid 20s, Anne, with expensive tastes funded by wealthy married men. She struggles to pull herself out of the lifestyle. Another is an 18 year old boy, whose father is a well Known governor. The boy has an appetite for an expensive lifestyle funded by the huge allowances he is given by his father. We are also introduced to a doctor stuck in a life he does not want and for this reason he finds himself at the bar regularly. The three patrons, at different times, find themselves in an innocent conversation with the bar tender and end up divulging damning secrets about their lives. Unknown to them, the bar tender is not as harmless as he looks.