For me acting is like an underrated superpower that has the capability to evoke profound emotions buried deep in one’s soul; it’s a clear depiction of a reality that’s unspoken of and for an actor a challenging job. I mean the ability to impersonate someone else and bring life to a character is an impeccable skill. Before I get into character I need to read and understand the script, how does he talk, how does he react to certain situations, is he rich or poor? This gives me an image of what character I should be and most importantly what my directors want me to depict.

It is important for anyone coming into this industry to stay open-minded to any role, you need to understand that that is not who you really are and that’s the magic about acting. You get to be someone else for a few hours, so just embrace it and detach yourself from the character. The biggest challenge I have seen people face is getting a role. Everyone wants a shortcut to get a role, offering your body or money isn’t advisable. You need to go for auditions and grow so that you can understand what the casting director is looking for, this gives you an idea of what to expect when you go for another audition. You can’t become big overnight; you need to grow into a career.

Millennials have it so easy nowadays, back in my day there were no WhatsApp phones, we used to go every day to Kenya National Theatre (KNT) and Alliance Françoise and check on the boards for casting call posters. I finally had my breakthrough when  I met the director for changing times at a concert , I walked up to her(remember confidence is key ) told her I wanted to be part of the show exchanged numbers and she called me two months later to go and  audition for a role . It is a hard industry to break into but determination and persistence can go a long way.

Once you get into the business you need to invest in your career, look out for workshops to do with acting/directing, read a lot of material online, look at videos on YouTube to sharpen your skills follow big actors in your industry and take notes of things they have done that work for them. As well as reading a lot of books, like how to stop acting. I have been inspired by many people in my industry like Gilbert Lukaria, he is a genius and working with him has really shaped my career, Raymond Wafula, Bryan Ogola, Martin Githinji, Marian Mumo are actors who have also challenged me to be a better actor.

Finally, if you keep in mind all of these tips that I have given you, there is nothing that will stop you from being the best actor you can be and winning the Oscar you keep dreaming about every time you fall asleep. Working Hard is a major key successful people talk about but very few people implement it.

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