Who is Eddy Peter, as many seem not to know you by your originals ?

I am Eddy peter  a God fearing and friendly person, a husband and father of two kids.

When did you start acting ?

I  started acting since kindergarten in my first play then i took the role of Joseph but professionally started in 2011.

What inspired you into acting ?

love seeing people happy so i love telling stories ,acting has been a good platform for me to tell stories and entertain people.

To date how many movies and film actors and actress have you worked with ?

My first movie was shattere where the main actor was Rita Dominic and i have also worked with Mumbi Maina and Melvin Alusa just to mention a few.

Which of your act is favourite ?

My favourite is Confessor and lots of series that i do, like Majaribu,and  others like Changing Times where i played the role of a bad boy from rich family ,Demigods where i played the doctor.

Your role at pendo series as a senator has  gained a lot of vices, what is the idea behind the character ?

Pendo was just to show the real happenings  .what really happens in a senators life

What kind of roles do you prefer?

I prefer roles tha challenge me so that i can grow .roles that are far from my personality ,one role that people judge me of was one role i played in changing time, i was really a bad person into drugs and wanted to kill one of the character,i always remind guys  that acting isnt real.

How do you juggle acting with family ?

I have a very understanding wife and i guess that helps a lot. But always, when i am  not on set i  just want to spend time with my family .

How did you get involved in pendo ?

I went for an audition and luckily got the role .

Whats the main address behind your role in majaribu ?

Majaribu is a story betwêen two brothers one who is good and the other a bad guy so  i play ‘a  lawyer to the  good one but we  all grew up  together..

What are some  of some weakness you have identify in your acting ?

To be honest i am always working and rehearsing infront of a mirror practising what i learn from different directors my biggest area of learning is being able to artaculate my words.

What sort of acting roles do you hope to do in future ?

 I hope I can get a role where i play someone with a challenge either mental or physical, i dont know what i would do but that would be a good challenge for me.

What drives you to take up a certain role ?

I first  understand the character

Your two sense on the state of the industry ?

We are not where we were 5 or 10 years ago we are definately growing but  we need to work together to make it better.

Who is that actor you adore because of what theY do on screen ?

I would say Raymond Ofula who always share something when i get a chance to work with him, I also  adore Paul Ogola and Ramsey Noah .

What qualities should a good actor have ?

I would say an actor should be ready to learn, always humble and professional .

Best actor you would like to share the stage with ?

I would like to work with Terence Howard who i  take as a role model .

Whats unique about you ?

I am  very understanding and love to learn  new things .

What’s your advice to those interested in acting ?

They should not do it for money or fame because it frustrates

What is your memorable memoir in you career ?

I am  still waiting for   that  moment that I will call memorable.

If not acting what  would you be doing  ?

I believe I would be a football  coach I love soccer..

Is your acting product of talent?

Yes  it is, but fused  with some courses from  Daystar University.

What are some of the challenges you have encountered ?

I lacked an institution that could help me grow my talent.

Where do you see yourself inthe near future  ?

I see myself being international .

What should fans expect in terms of upcoming projects ?

A series that is going to change  the quality of our local series.

Your partying shot ?

Never give up, when you want

to go fast walk alone, but if you want to go far,walk with people .

BY Erick Mutinda