I met Eddy in 2013 while doing a play by wholesome entertainment. Before that, he was a constant fixture on the TV screens that I always looked up to. So it was humbling to be able to learn from him first hand. Since then, we've worked on several other stage and film productions; '18 Hours' being the most recent one. Eddy is a very talented and professional actor. I'm proud to have him as someone I can always look up to in our film sector.
Brian Ogola
Having worked with Eddy Peter as his director in a couple of projects (Pendo and The confessor) I can easily say I find him excitable to work with as he is always daring to archive more all the time. His keenness and willingness to take direction is admirable. I would vouch for him any time.
Gilbert Lukalia
“I worked with Eddy Peter on a Telenovela for NTV and a movie for Maisha Magic. He is smart, disciplined, passionate and professional. He is an actor who will bring more than his talents to any role, engaging dilligently with the material and his fellow filmmakers to enhance his roles and the overall project beyond the limits on the page.”
Arnold Mwanjila